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"Hermione was screaming again: The sound went through Harry like physical pain. Barely conscious of the fierce prickling of his scar, he too started to run around the cellar, feeling the walls for he hardly knew what, knowing in his heart that it was useless."

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You know what will break your heart?

Realizing that if John had had any idea that Sherlock was still alive, he would have waited for him. 

One word, Sherlock. One word, that’s all I would have needed.






Can we talk about how Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman looks a bit like William Shakespeare… who had a wife named Anne Hathaway?

damn the illuminati’s not even trying anymore

I guess you could say that when Anne hath a Will, Anne Hathaway


okay I have to reblog for that pun





if you are not utterly heart melted by these two, what the fuck is wrong with you.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

Bestest friends forever.